How to Use the Qredit Mobile Wallet

The Qredit Mobile Wallet is an easy to use, portable application. It enables you to manage all of your Qredit accounts and the XQR coins inside of it. It lets you send and receive transactions, vote for a delegate or register as a delegate. The wallet also provides an interface to add contacts by their address, which can save you some time when making transactions.

The application is built using the Ionic Framework, which enables the code base to be reused, keeping similar functionally and looks, for both iOS and Android.


Like any useful application, you will be able to find the Qredit Mobile Wallet application in your phone's store. It is entirely free to download and use.

Download the wallet from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Starting the Qredit Wallet

Once you load the application you will be met with this screen:

Image of Qredit Welcome Screen

The content of each slide shares some details about some security and usability features of the app.

After reading through the welcome slides, you will be able to create a profile.

Create a Profile on Qredit Mobile Wallet

After you hit the Create A Profile button, you will be prompted to create a six-digit PIN confirm it afterward.


It is imperative that you remember this PIN.

Create a Pin on Qredit Mobile Wallet

Your new profile must then be assigned a name and a network. Mainnet is the one where your XQR will be sent to and from. The Devnet is used for team members and contributors wishing to test additional functionality and should not be used. The remainder of this document assumes you've created a profile that uses the Mainnet.

Create a Profile in Qredit Mobile Wallet

Once you have entered your name, you can sign in by touching the profile you created and by entering the PIN you created earlier. From there, you can click on the bottom-right button to either create or import a wallet. If you are importing a wallet, click here. If you are creating a new wallet, continue reading.

Creating a wallet

If you choose to generate a wallet, follow the prompts and you should be shown your shareable Public Address and your Secret Passphrase.

Qredit Generate/Import Mobile Wallet Qredit Wallet Generate Entropy


Keep your secret passphrase safe and secure, without it, you will not be able to restore your wallet, and you will lose access to your XQR coins.

After hitting Next, you will be asked to verify your Secret Passphrase. Your PIN will be required to encrypt your address.

Qredit Mobile Wallet Passphrase

The next screen will show you the amount of XQR you have in your wallets, your shareable Public Address, the Market Value of XQR in USD, Satoshis, and the 24-hour Change.

Qredit Mobile Wallet Balance

Importing a wallet

If you choose to import a wallet and follow the prompts, you will have three options to import your wallet: Using a QR Code, by putting in your secret passphrase or to add your address. Please note that the last option will make the wallet Read-only, since the app doesnt know the private key.

Qredit Mobile Wallet Import


If you decide to copy and paste your information into the app, make sure your device does not add a space after your passphrase or address. If a space is there, it will create a new wallet and not import your wallet.

The Qredit Wallet

You can hit the triple bar in the top left corner, doing so will give you numerous options for you to select.

Choosing Wallets will place you at the main Qredit Wallet balance screen. After you reach the main Qredit Wallet balance screen, you can add another wallet, touch the triple bar on the top left corner, or choose an existing wallet to view even closer. If you want to add another wallet, push the blue circle we used earlier to create or import a wallet. If you hit the triple bar on the top left corner, you get numerous options where you can view and select:

- Main wallet balance screen
- Vote for delegates
- Change the peer to the network
- Enter the settings, where you may change or view your:
  - Language
  - Currency
  - PIN
  - Clear your Data
  - Privacy Policy
  - Version Number
- Contacts
  - You can save contacts by name and Qredit address for quicker sending/receiving
- Sign Out

Qredit Mobile Wallet Side Menu Qredit Mobile Wallet Settings

If you want to view an existing wallet and the transaction history, you will need to touch the rectangle(s) right below the Total Balance text.

Qredit Mobile Wallet Balance

Once inside a wallet, you can view incoming and receiving transaction history, the public address, the Qredit wallet balance. By touching the triple dots menu in the top left corner you can:

  • Register a Delegate
  • Vote for a Delegate
  • Rename your wallet
  • Backup your Wallet
  • Delete your wallet

Qredit Mobile Wallet Subsettings


To begin voting, we need XQR in our wallets. Once you have transferred XQR to your wallet, you will want to click on the wallet that was either imported or generated. Once the wallet has been selected, hit the triple bar and choose Delegates. This will show you the top 51 Active Delegates and the delegates on standby

Qredit Mobile Active Delegates Qredit Mobile Standby Delegates

Choosing a Delegate will prompt you to vote for it. You can select a dynamic fee in this screen.


Please note that the delegate in this screen was selected randomly, and is not an advise. Please choose the delegate that is best suited for you.

Qredit Mobile Select Delegate


Your Qredit Mobile Wallet is now ready for use! That's all it takes to install the Qredit wallet and vote for a Delegate of your choice.

Last Updated: 5/10/2019, 1:45:00 PM